AB23S self-loading wagon is suitable for harvesting the beets with a single sugar beet harvester on a single raw. It has three different functions:
1. it collects the beets from the field;
2. it cleans the product removing grass, leaves and excess soil;
3. it moves the products besides the field or directly on the truck.
Beets are loaded through a steel belt . The collection belt consists of a highly resistant hardened steel chain and of a series of transversal bars, in hardened steel, transferring the beets. The unit is to be cleaned through six cleaners fitted removing grass, leaves and excess soil. Once the beet connected, they are conveyed to the scoop by a conveyor belt: an auger fitted to the top homogenously spread the load inside the truck scoop. Once the scoop filled, move to the unloading area, beets are unloaded thanks to a side unloading belt and two overhead contact lines positioned on the flatbed, driving the beets inside the truck scoop. Once the unit unloaded, the belt folds.


As in the STACMEC tradition, the product building quality stands out. The AB23S self-loading wagon is made with top quality materials, based on consistent structural calculations, providing for the highest possible reliability under any operating conditions. The minimum safety coefficient used accounts for 1.8. High and wide wheels provide for the best soil floating. The empty mass accounts only for 9800 kg and its loading volume for about 30 cubic meters. The double rocker axle provides for safety and reliability while the back steering axle provides for the best manoeuvrability.



All the commercial and hydraulic parts are manufactured by renowned manufacturers, standing out for their quality. This guarantees a capillary after-sale service in any country, and the ease of finding any product everywhere.


The trailer is hydraulically operated. The universal joints connected to the PTO tractor feeds the pumps. The circuit yield accounts for 92/94%. A closed loop system in fact it used, called hydrostatic, providing for high yields and low consumptions. The feeding pumps are calibrated to reach a maximum 315 bar pressure. The developed heat from the circuit, running at full speed, accounts for 15°C; while the maximum hydraulic circuit power accounts for 80 kW. Collecting units are fitted with inverters, temporarily supporting the reverse movement in case of jamming. The motor speeds can be independently adjusted according to the driver requirements, the soil conditions or the type of tractor.



The trailer is fitted with a pneumatic braking system, with a release valve and CUNA standard connection.


Besides the standard parts, the trailer can be fitted with a centralized greasing system to improve and enhance rotary part operation.


The reference safety regulation is the machine directive 2006/42/CE The reference building regulation is UNI 13140:2010 The machine complies with original non preferential requirements for products manufactured in Italy reg. 2913/92 L The machine complies with original preferential requirementsfor products manufactured in UE “EUR1” reg. 2454/93


Track width MT 3.0
Maximum transportable width MT 2.5
Length MT 8.9
Maximum height on the road MT 3.9
Empty weight KG 9800
Loading capacity M^3 30
Unloading capacity M^3 / min 5-8
Minimum unloading height MT 2.05
Maximum unloading height MT 4.50
Maximum unloading side distance MT 3.50
Requested minimum power KW/CV 106/145
Admitted maximum power KW/CV 205/280
Take-off revs RPM 1000
Oil tank LT 180
Oil ISO 68HV
Power supply Volt 12
Hydraulic connection 1 x Float
Min 1x Double effect
1/2” BSPP
1/2” BSPP
Grease TYPE 0-2 EP
Pneumatic connecion TYPE “CUNA”
Wheels SIZE 600/55 R26.5
710/45 R26.5


a. Collection with steel belt
b. Cleaning with conveyor turbines or rollers
c. Loading with lifting belt
d. Loading in the scoop
e. Load distribution through the auger


f. Longitudinal load transport
g. Transverse load transport
h. Unloading on the ground or on a truck